Sunstone Food Program

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  • Snack is provided for our Toddler, Children’s House, and Aftercare programs

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Matt Howard, Chef

Meet the Chef

Our talented chef, Matt Howard, brings to our community a lifelong reverence for cooking and a heartfelt approach to meal preparation that nurtures our bodies and resonates with our souls!

In our commercial kitchen, Matt prepares delicious snacks and lunches for students, using only fresh ingredients. His creations inspire diverse culinary taste buds and introduce ethnic cuisines, all while being carefully tailored to accommodate our community’s dietary preferences and restrictions.

Lunch Program

Our Children’s House and Elementary families have the option to order a nutritious, homemade lunch, Monday through Friday, for $9.00/meal. Lunch is automatically provided for our Toddler students and included in the price of Toddler tuition.

Ordering, Pricing, and Billing

Monthly Lunch Order: Lunch orders are placed one month at a time. Simply browse the monthly order form here or in the weekly Communications, and choose which meals you would like to order for your child(ren). You can choose to order all of the meals for the month, or select the individual days you would like. Be sure to submit your order form before the due date! After your order is submitted, we will bill your account $9.00/meal and your child(ren) will be delivered a delicious and nutritious lunch on the days of your choosing.

All-Year Lunch Order: You can place a one-time order in August, and your child will receive a fresh lunch from Sunstone’s kitchen every school day that lunch is served. Your account will be billed monthly at $9.00 per lunch based on the number of school lunch days in that month. Look for the Lunch Order Form in the weekly Communications during the month of August.

Sack Lunch

“Oops, I forgot my lunch!”

If you ever find yourself at school minus a lunchbox, you can order a sack lunch from our kitchen for $5. The sack lunch includes a sunflower seed butter and organic strawberry sandwich, Tillamook medium cheddar cheese slices, whole wheat crackers, and fresh fruit. We do offer vegan and GF options.

  • Email before 9:00am to order a sack lunch.
  • Include your child’s name and classroom.
  • Please let us know if you need a vegan and/or GF option.

Once you place your order we will bill your account $5/lunch and deliver a healthy sack lunch to your child.