Sunstone Montessori School: Woodstock Campus, Toddler, Primary, Elementary, ages 16 months-12 years

Woodstock Campus

Toddler, Primary, Elementary

ages 16 months – 12 years

Sunstone Montessori School: Milwaukie Campus, Toddler and Middle School, ages 16-36 months and 12-15 years

Milwaukie Campus

Toddler & Middle School

ages 16-36 months & 12-15 years


I love Sunstone’s programs! Watching my nine-year-old grow under their leadership has been astonishing. It has been a joy to watch him grow to LOVE LEARNING. That carries over into everyday life and it makes him a joy to be around. I credit the staff and the way the school is run. This is the way young education should be.

Sunstone Parent
Sunstone Montessori School Programs: Toddler program at Woodstock and Milwaukie Campus,  ages 16-36 months

16-36 Months

Toddler Community

Sunstone Montessori School Programs: Children's House program at Woodstock Campus, ages 3-6 years

3-6 Years

Children’s House

Sunstone Montessori School Programs: Elementary program at Woodstock Campus, ages 6-12 years

6-12 Years


Sunstone Montessori School Programs: Middle school at Milwaukie Campus, ages 12-15 years

12-15 Years

Middle School Coming September 2024!

Sunstone Montessori School: Spanish Enrichment at Woodstock and Milwaukie Campus,  ages 16 months - 15 years

Spanish Enrichment

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