Food Program

Delicious Meals Prepared with Love – Woodstock Campus

We are grateful for Matt’s thoughtful and inspired cooking! Oh, how we love hearing our child’s enthusiasm about Matt’s food at pick up every day. It is such a support to our family to know our children are getting warm, nutritious meals full of care, just as we would send from home.

Sunstone Parent
Matt Howard, Chef

Meet the Chef

Our talented chef, Matt Howard, brings to our community a lifelong reverence for cooking and a heartfelt approach to meal preparation that nurtures our bodies and resonates with our souls!

His creations inspire a diverse palate and introduce ethnic cuisines, all while being carefully tailored to accommodate our community’s dietary preferences and restrictions.

Nourishing Meals with Fresh Ingredients

Matt takes great care to curate snack and lunch menus that balance our students’ comfort foods with new flavor combinations from around the globe.

In our commercial kitchen, Matt uses only nutritious ingredients, and prepares everything fresh, in-house daily.

The lunch menu varies each month and includes a wide variety of plates, bowls, classic favorites, and ethnic cuisines.


Coconut Flax Energy Balls with Apple Slices and Celery Curls

Housemade Snack Platters

Our snack platters are freshly prepared every morning and afternoon with housemade items that vary daily. The weekly snack menu incorporates new variations along with familiar favorites. Platters are accompanied with a choice of whole or plant based milk.

Our in-house baked goods program is entirely plant based, utilizing sunflower seed butter, almond meal, flaxseed, and Bob’s Red Mill whole grain flours along with housemade fruit purees.



A nutritious morning snack, a balanced lunch, and a healthy afternoon snack, are provided daily to our toddler students and are included in the cost of tuition.

Meals are served family style in the classroom which provides a multitude of developmental opportunities while scaffolding functional independence.

Children’s House & Elementary

A nutritious morning snack is provided daily to our Children’s House students and included in the annual fees.

A healthy afternoon snack is provided daily to children in our aftercare program.

Our Children’s House and Elementary families have the option to order a nutritious, homemade lunch on the days of their choosing. Meals are offered Monday thru Friday for $9.00/meal.


Sunflower Seed Butter and Organic Strawberry Sandwich

“Oops, I forgot my lunch!”

If you ever find yourself at school minus a lunchbox, you can order a sack lunch from our kitchen for $5. The sack lunch includes a sunflower seed butter and organic strawberry sandwich, Tillamook medium cheddar cheese slices, whole wheat crackers, and fresh fruit. We do offer vegan and GF options.