What do parents say about Sunstone?

The following testimonials are from our Sunstone parent body. They are taken from review sites, our annual parent surveys, and exit surveys.

“Sunstone is a place where each child is truly valued and helped to be their best self. It is open, inclusive, and honest. We have been part of the community for less than a year, but we consider enrolling our child at Sunstone one of the best conscious decisions we’ve made as parents.”

“The staff from the head of school to the assistant guides are fantastic at their jobs and you can tell how well they all work as community and care for our children! The strength of the staff is amazing and so caring.”

“We love Sunstone!!!! I know the kids are getting the best foundation possible to be successful in their future endeavors and as a parent I feel like I have so many resources available to me.”

“Starting my child at Sunstone has proven to be one of the most impactful and best parenting decisions we have made.”

“Sunstone’s strengths are the genuine love and nurturing the guides and staff provide to the kids on a daily basis, and the focus on personal responsibility and community involvement.”

“Sunstone provides a supportive environment for my child; Sunstone challenges him academically while supporting him socially.”

“Sunstone instills confidence in the students and teaches them independent and critical thinking as well as kindness and compassion.”

“I always feel that my children are seen and treated for who they are as a whole person, not just a “number.” Perhaps the greatest attribute of Sunstone is the cultivation of a life-long love of learning, curiosity, and independence. Attending Sunstone also strongly supports our family values, teaching our children to be caring, compassionate, citizens and community members, with confidence and respect for self and others.”

“The skill of the guides is incredible; their communication, way of being, observing and thinking strategically about how to guide the students long-term. Managing the individuals and the community all at once. The commitment to the uniqueness of each child, the respect for each child, and the pure love from ALL the staff to each child…I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“The guides! They are all such high caliber people and teachers. Love them all. I can see the impact they have had on my child. They are patient and inspirational.”

“There is peace of mind that when we leave our children at school, we know that they are in a positive learning environment both socially and educationally. We can concentrate on our jobs and not worry.”

“I love the community. I have met wonderful people through the school and truly feel like my family and I are a part of this special community.”

“We are so grateful for the wonderful people and environment that Sunstone has cultivated! Our daughter has truly blossomed during her time, there!

“We absolutely love this institution; Sunstone is by far the implementation of Montessori principles that most aligns with our values (and we looked at nearly every Montessori school in the Portland area). We recommend Sunstone to everyone.”

“One aspect that separates Sunstone from other schools is that it is a very warm and loving environment. The administration is very approachable and always open to listening to whatever comments or concerns I may have. My son’s guides (and assistant guides) are not only highly experienced and phenomenal at their jobs, they’re also very sincere and authentic people who care about the well-being of my son.”

“Sunstone is a fantastic place to be! Honestly I think the cost is MORE than reasonable for all that our family learns and loves on this journey with our son. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience to friends and family.”

“Sunstone develops independence and kids with a good moral compass.”

“Sunstone has been a phenomenal school for my son (4) who is in his second year in the Children’s House. We toured and researched many schools before deciding on Sunstone. We chose Sunstone because their experience matches their kindness. It is a warm school where the staff quickly know you by name. I have found everyone to be professional, authentic, and committed to making meaningful educational experiences for all Sunstonians.”

“I could not be more satisfied with the education my two children receive on a daily basis at Sunstone Montessori. This is the start of their 4th year at the school, and with each passing week, month, and year I am reaffirmed that they could not be in a better place. All of the guides and assistant guides are skilled, dedicated, passionate, caring, and provide individualized attention to each and every child. Not only are my children learning fundamental and challenging math and science principles, but their reading, (cursive) writing, and research abilities are extremely impressive: This is all due to the excellent teaching methods and materials at Sunstone, but also the nurturing learning environment that is fostered.”

“The teachers are amazing. The Montessori approach is very effective and works well for my child.”

“I feel that the guides care very deeply for the children, as if they were their own. This translates into great learning and love. Well trained and caring teachers and staff, great facilities, outstanding curriculum, and teaching model.”

“It’s been such a relief to know our son is being cared for by such solid individuals.”

“I like how parents can be as involved as they want to be, and in a variety of ways in which they feel most comfortable.”

“Our kids love being students at Sunstone, and are proud to be a part of the community.”

“Sunstone has great teachers and great staff! Everyone is focused on creating a comfortable and nurturing learning environment for all types of students.”

“Sunstone is great people doing great things!”