Our Story

2007-2012 The Merge

Sunstone Montessori School has a rich history of growth, evolution and collaboration with the vibrant Montessori community of Portland, Oregon.

Sunstone Montessori was born in 2007 from the successful merger of two well-established Montessori schools, Odyssey Montessori School (ages 6-12 years) and Two Rivers Montessori School (ages 2 ½ to 12 years), each with its own campus in SW Portland, OR.

Despite the two locations our community grew together through collective effort, engagement, and events.

2012-2021 Under One Roof

In the spring of 2012, Sunstone Montessori School’s Board of Trustees leased Portland Public Schools’ “Terwilliger School” building in John’s Landing. After five years in two different locations, Sunstone Montessori was going to be under one roof.

Renovations occurred over the summer of 2012 so that the 2012-13 school year could begin with the Children’s House and Elementary students together on one campus.

In the fall of 2013, we launched our first Toddler classroom, expanding our program to serve children 16 months to 12 years.

2021-2024 Move to the Eastside

In the summer of 2021, Portland Public Schools reclaimed the Terwilliger School for their Access Academy program and, after an extensive search, Sunstone relocated to our current location in SE Woodstock. Prior to moving in, we had an extensive interior and exterior remodel done including classroom spaces, bathrooms, administrative offices, and courtyard renovation.

In the summer of 2022 we had a complete playground renovation as designed by Learning Landscapes Design, a local landscape architect company that specializes in creating outdoor spaces for learning and play, using natural materials.

2024 Expansion

In the Spring of 2024 we were fortunate enough to lease 12 acres of land in SE Milwaukie, OR.

Located just 4 miles due south of our Woodstock campus, our new, bucolic campus was perfectly situated to extend our programming to the adolescent level with a Middle School modeled after Dr. Montessori’s farm school, while simultaneously expanding our Toddler program from one to three classrooms.

Renovations of the existing structures on the property began in the summer of 2024, in time to open our new Middle School and two new Toddler classrooms for the start of the 2024-25 academic year.