Here’s how it works:

Community Participation Share

Each family has a Community Participation Share to fulfill based on the number of children they have enrolled:

  • Family with one child = 12 hours of Community Participation
  • Family with two children = 15 hours of Community Participation
  • Family with three children = 18 hours of Community Participation

How to Fulfill your Share

  • Every family will complete their share of Community Participation Hours by August 21, 2020 or opt-out and pay a flat fee of $400.00. (To opt-out please email Dee Kuns,
  • Families will fulfill their share first by signing up for classroom needs as outlined below.
  • Families who have remaining hours to fulfill after their classroom needs, can choose from a wide variety of opportunities.

Classroom Needs

We ask that every family fulfill their classroom needs per child as follows:

  • Toddler: Consumables 4 times/year = 8 hours
  • Children’s House: Snack/Flowers 2 times/year and Laundry 1 month/year (4-6 loads) = 10 hours
  • Elementary: Flowers and Laundry 2 times/year = 3 hours


How do I sign up?

We use an online program, SignUpGenius, to organize all of the Community Participation opportunities. You can find a complete list of sign-ups in the parents’ portal of our website under Community Participation. Current signups will also be highlighted in the weekly Tuesday email Communications.


How do I track my Community Participation Hours?

SignUpGenius tracks all of the hours that you sign up for. There are occasions that you may help out with something that does not have an associated sign up on SignUpGenius. In these cases please email Carmen, with:

  • number of hours and/or money spent (every $20 spent = 1 hour)
  • how you contributed
  • date

All families will receive a mid-year report. Families who have not completed their hours by June 12, 2020, will receive an end of the year report and can find opportunities during the summer to fulfill their hours by August 21, 2020.