Camassia Room

Lower Elementary

ages 6 – 9 years

Blake and Gwenny create the Paper Decanomial.

Deca– or deka- (symbol da) is a decimal unit prefix in the metric system, derived from the Greek déka (δέκα), meaning “ten”.  The Paper Decanomial in the Lower Elementary is the continuation of the Decanomial Square that children are introduced to in the Children’s House.

The Decanomial Square in the Children’s House (above) is a 2-dimensional color coded ‘puzzle’ that corresponds to the color coded mathematical bead cabinet. It visually introduces the mathematical relationships of 1 through 10 squared (without numerical equations).

In the Lower Elementary the Decanomial Square is re-visited (above) and introduces the mathematical equation for each piece of the Decanomial Square.

Cody researches fish.

Addyson and Claire express fractions and angles artistically.

Trillium Room

Lower Elementary

ages 6 – 9 years

Neil explores the properties of particles when combined.

Good friends! Muir, Henry, and Liam N.

Alaska’s long division problem is longer than her.

Henry delves deep into dog research

(90+9) squared

Luca and Liam D. illustrate their stories.

Muir composes a song on the tone bars.

Sunflower Cottage

Children’s House

ages 3 – 6 years

Rosie uses the Addition Strip Board to find all of the basic equations that make ‘9’:

1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5, 5+4, 6+3, 7+2, 8+1

The Addition Strip Board is a material used to derive all of the basic addition facts of numbers 1 through 9.

Matthew proudly shows his skill at recording numbers 1 through 10. Dylan is pretty proud of him too.

The day you get to learn how to write the first letter of your name. Awesome!

Good friends are the best!

Elementary Guides

Our color coordinated Elementary Guides are so in sync!

Left to Right: Robert (Camassia), Jennifer (Trillium), Jack (Lupine)

Toddler Classroom Sharing

ages 16 months – 3 years

“Qu” for Quinn. Quinn shows his parents the proper two-finger technique to trace the sandpaper letter phonogram ‘qu.’

Evan gives his mom a lesson in dish washing.

Eloise shows her mom how to arrange flowers.

Children’s House Classroom Sharing

ages 3-6 years

Grey and Anna show his mom the Sound Game in the Sunflower Cottage. Phonetically spelled objects help children identify each sound in a word. Guides make sure that this skill is in place before children begin to sound out and write their own words with the moveable alphabet.

Ava shows her dad how to sound out words and write them with the Moveable Alphabet in the Sunflower Cottage.

Matthew shows his dad how to label the parts of his face after spelling them out with the Moveable Alphabet in the Sunflower Cottage.

Hudson shows his dad the puzzle map of Asia in the Maple Room.

Puzzle maps expose children to the geography of the world from continents to countries. When paired with the Geography Folders children learn about the variety of cultures on each continent.

Elizabeth prepares the Baric Tablets in the Maple Room.

Baric tablets are part of the Sensorial Materials and help children refine their baric sense; their sense of weight.

Amit gives his mom a grammar lesson in article, adjective, and noun in the Butterfly Room.

Bennett’s dad gives him a helping hand with the yoga cards in the Maple Room.

Kathryn shows her dad the Addition Chart in the Butterfly Room.

The Addition Charts move a child towards memorization of the basic math facts 1 through 9.

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