Huckleberry Cottage

Toddler Community

ages 16 months – 3 years

You may have read this week in the Weekly Communications that we have hired a new food cart manager,  Jason Sacho. Jason is set to start after President’s Day and his daughter Malia will be joining the Huckleberry community.

 In the interim, in addition to having some delicious home cookin’ from Molly Shaw, our Development Director, we have been taking on more cooking in the classroom. This week the children helped us prepare sandwiches and pizza bagels, along with our regular pizza dough.


Sunflower Room

Children’s House

ages 3-6 years

What it feels like the first time you write your name in cursive.

Holden recreates the map of Europe one continent at a time.

Helping Abby celebrate her fourth birthday.

Peter practices his read aloud skills to a group of friends.

Camassia Room

Lower Elementary

ages 6-9 years

There’s a lot of teamwork in the Lower Elementary classrooms.

Linus and Girard label the long nine chain (9 cubed or 729).

Roya and Gwenny solve math equations using the Large Bead Frames.

William and Addyson label the polygon tray of the Geometry Cabinet.

Outdoor Program

Every week Kristen, our Sustainability Coordinator and Outdoor specialist, takes small groups of children from each classroom into the outdoors for gardening, maintenance, earth friendly art projects, and education on everything “green.”

George and Geoffrey learn about the critters living in our garden beds.

June and Harrison install colorful stepping stones into our Native Plant garden. Kristen and the Sunflower Cottage students made these colorful additions using recycled materials and up-cycled containers.

Checking in with the Kale.

Kristen maintains vegetable garden beds year-round with the help of the children. This winter several groups of children have harvested a variety of greens which they prepare/cook for their classroom to share.

If you’re wondering what you can do in your own garden right now, OSU Extension Service has month by month calendar of what to plant when.

You can check it out here.