Volunteer Committees and Roles

Sunstone offers a variety of committees and roles in which you can get involved and work together to improve the school, the environment and the community.  If you are interested in serving on a committee or in a role, please contact the chair as outlined below.

Advancement Committee: The Advancement committee works together to plan effective marketing strategies; advertising campaigns, branding, press-releases and the like. We are always looking for people with experience in marketing, graphic design, advertising, and website design or development.  Meetings are held monthly or as needed. If you are interested in serving on the advancement committee please contact Cathy Newman.

Green Team Committee: The Green Team committee is responsible for keeping our school “Green.”  They ensure that we meet and maintain the sustainability requirements that afford us the Green School status (green consumables, recycling, composting, water usage, light usage, promoting waste-free lunches etc.).  They plan, execute and oversee the Annual Waste Audit.  They also plan and implement the Earth Day Celebration Work Party & Used Book Exchange.  The Green Team works closely with the internal Site Committee on site improvements that include the grounds and gardens.  If you are interested in serving on the Green Team committee please contact Kristen Sevier.

Auction Committee: The auction committee plans and implements the single most important fundraising event of the year, our annual Gala & Auction.  It’s a fabulous party and loads of fun!  If you like to plan parties, decorate, have an affinity for procurement, then this is the committee for you. If you are interested in serving on the auction committee please contact Molly Shaw.

Room Parent: Two or more parents from each classroom serve as Room Parents, helping to co-ordinate classroom social events, maintaining communication with the classroom parents, organizing the Winter Solstice event, helping with the class auction project, and attending monthly planning meetings. If you are interested in serving as a room parent, please contact Monica Wright.

Ambassador: Two or more parents from each classroom serve as Ambassadors to Sunstone. Ambassadors serve as stewards of communication within the parent community and promoters of Sunstone in the Portland community. Their duties include hosting new families, being a liaison between staff and parents, promoting events within the community, and promoting Sunstone to the community at large (word of mouth). If you are interested in helping as an Ambassador, please contact Monica Wright.

Volunteer Coordinator: We are looking for one or two parents to serve as the volunteer coordinator(s) for Sunstone. The volunteer coordinator is responsible for maintaining the online volunteer program for sign-ups and tracking, providing timely communication to the Sunstone community regarding volunteer opportunities, and maintaining the culture of volunteering within the Sunstone Community. If you are interested in being a volunteer coordinator, please contact Monica Wright.