Login to Transparent Classroom
Click on your Name/Profile Icon (top right) to edit your preferences.
Click on Profile
Scroll down to “Notifications”
Under “Email” Please be sure to check My Child’s Photos (This will allow TC to share photos with you). Now you can choose how often you would like TC to email you with photos. Under “Send my child’s photos” you can toggle to choose hourly, once a day, or once a week.

Once your preferences are set, you are able to receive photo email notifications from TC when photos of your child are shared. Please do not expect to receive photos everyday, or even every week. When a photo of your child is shared with you, you will receive an email notification from TC. Please open the email and click through the link to see the photo(s) of your child on their TC profile page.

You are the only one that can see photos that are tagged with your child’s name. You have the option to download these photos as well. These photos will be accessible to you as long as your child is enrolled at Sunstone. You will be able to see photos year after year.

Photos that are tagged with multiple children’s names are available only to the parents of the children who are tagged.

Photos that are tagged with “all children” are available to all parents in the classroom.