Sunstone has purchased a 20 foot shipping container and equipped it with disaster recovery tools, first aid supplies, and food and water for students and staff to last for three days.

List of contents:
55 Gallon Drums (water) and accessories (bung wrench, pump, siphon hose)
5 year Water preserver
5 gallon water jugs
2.5 gallon emergency water bags
Vessels for drinking (paper cups)
Water Purification Tablets-Potable Aqua 50 tabs per, EPA approved
Datrex emergency drinking water pouches
Leather-palmed gloves
Safety goggles (vented)
N95 dust masks (cone-shaped for adults; flat-fold for students)
Hard hats
Reflective safety vests
50-watt megaphone w siren
Caution tape 300′ roll
Folding Hand Shovel
Pliers (slip Joint, groove joint, cutter)
15” Prybar
1# claw hammer
Knife, folding 3 7/8″ blade
Chalk (large) for Marking
Bolt Cutter
3# hammer
Screwdrivers (flat and phillips)
Whistles w lanyard
Extra D Batteries- Alkaline
Duct tape
50′ CA truckers rope
Parachute cord 100′ 550
Tarps 8 x 10
Evacu-Aid Foldable Stretcher
Yellow Emergency Blanket (for use w stretchers)
NOAA Hand Cranked Radio
Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting 4 mil (10′ x 100′)
Staple Gun
Infectious waste bags-roll of 50
First-Aid Kit Large (50 person)
Emergency blankets 250/case–BRW
Body warmers 240/case
Pink Bracelets (200)
12 hour snap light stick 500/case
Emergency Food Rations 3600 calories (Datrex) 20 per case
5 gallon Buckets
Hand sanitizer 1 liter pump bottles (Amazon)
Carbon material
Non-latex gloves 50 pair
Toilet seats-Lugable Loo
Portable generator
LED Worklight
LED headlamps