Here’s what parents are saying about it the Silent Journey:

“I highly recommend the experience to any parent who has any level of interest or involvement with Montessori. The only regret that I felt was not having done the Silent Journey when my two kids started their Montessori journey 9 years ago. Don’t make that same mistake! Do it this year. If you don’t, you’re missing a very insightful and valuable experience.”

“I feel like I have a deeper understanding of my child’s world at school. I feel like I can connect with him more and have more conversations about his day.”

“The silent journey showed me with a more holistic view of how the Montessori curriculum progresses and encourages the growth of the whole child, especially as they move into elementary. It was a weekend well-spent!

“During Silent Journey I was able to connect with the school community, including parents and staff. I was able to connect with Montessori principles and materials as well as gain a better understanding of my child’s day at Sunstone.”

It was awesome to be able to experience Montessori as our children do: from Infant/Toddler though Upper Elementary. I think the Silent Journey should be experienced by all Montessori Parents. It gave me even more appreciation of how fortunate Montessori children are. The icing on the cake was spending such meaningful time connecting with and getting to know the incredible Sunstone Guides and Staff. It is totally worth the time commitment!”

“I know so much more about how my children spend their day and have a deeper understanding of the work they do. I will now be able to talk to them more easily about their day.”

“When I attended Silent Journey last year, I had already been to a couple discussions that described Montessori education. This was so much more valuable because we saw the Guides in their elements, experienced teaching demonstrations that match what our children enjoy, and talked in depth about Sunstone’s methods and goals for young minds. I can’t think of a better way to understand our children’s education here.”

“It was so good to go beyond the theory of Montessori and get to experience what it is like going through Montessori.”

“I think people don’t fully understand what the Silent Journey and Discovery is. I was so concerned about it being awkward, but it wasn’t at all. It was fun!”

“This experience helped me better understand my son.”

“I really enjoyed and came to understand the strong sense of community between the guides and parents.”

“I now understand how passionate the teachers and staff are. Amazing!”

“Initially, I had little motivation to commit the better part of one of my cherished weekends, but I showed up to the Silent Journey with my dear wife and fellow Montessori parent in good spirits and with an open mind. Even after that first Friday evening, it was well worth it. Enjoyable. Insightful. Educational. Fun socializing with other parents and staff.”