Full Comments on School Closures:

3/12/2024: Waaaaayyyy too many days during the school year when school is closed. Little kids and other students who struggle with the structure of school don’t experience consistent routine (M-F are weekdays and you go to school) after Nov 1st. The situation is exacerbated for students who miss school often because they are sick. (Again, more common among kids who find school stressful).

If SS wants to offer professional development, why not a paid no-student week at the beginning of the year? Many schools do conferences in the evening (better for working parents anyway) and federal holidays are permissible, not mandatory.

There’s a lot of breaks built into a traditional school year WITHOUT so many ad hoc days here and there. It would be better for many students, mine included, to know that school is M-F unless there is a vacation.

4/5/2024: We are writing to open a discussion about the number of in service days, half days, and conference days for which Sunstone is closed. The cumulative number of hours for non-federally recognized days or half days is about 220 hours. For in service days, staff community building half days, and conference days, it’s about 194 cumulative hours of closure (88% of the 220 hours). Clearly, some of these activities are crucial for the quality of education and community at Sunstone. However, the number of hours is excessive and we strongly urge Sunstone to reconsider the planning for this magnitude of school closures. For a working family that must seek outside childcare or take time off, the burden of these hours strongly diminishes quality of life. The average American gets 11 days off per year. For a family with two parents, that’s 22, or 176 hours. This means that the full time required to take off for childcare due to Sunstone closures is LESS THAN what most families with two parents receive.