Room Parent Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2023


  • Oct 20 & 21: Parent Education: Silent Journey & Discovery
  • Oct 26: School Photo Day – Classroom Photos, Sibling Photos, & Make-Up Day
  • Oct 26: Children’s House Parent/Child Classroom Sharing, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
  • Oct 27: NOON DISMISSAL – Professional Development Afternoon
  • Oct 27: Butterfly Gathering, Sunstone Playground, Noon-1:30
  • Nov 2: CONFERENCES, NO SCHOOL for Children’s House and Elementary. Huckleberry open as usual.
  • Nov 3: CONFERENCES, NO SCHOOL, all programs closed
  • Nov 4: Elementary Community Zenger Farm Gathering, 11:00-2:00
  • Nov 10: NO SCHOOL Veterans Day
  • Nov 17: NO SCHOOL Professional Development Day, ABAR w/ Britt Hawthorne
  • Nov 18: Huckleberry Gathering, Sunstone Playground, 10:00-Noon
  • Nov 22: Grandparent/Special Person Day Assembly 11-Noon
  • Nov 22: NOON DISMISSAL for ALL
  • Nov 24 & 25: NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov 30: State of the School with the Board, 6:30-7:30
  • Dec 15: Winter Sing and Solstice, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Dec 18-22: NO SCHOOL, Winter Break Care TD, CH, EL 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
  • Dec 25-29: NO SCHOOL, Winter Break – All Programs and Offices Closed
  • Jan 1: NO SCHOOL, New Year’s Day
  • Jan 2: NO SCHOOL, In-Service Day
  • Jan 3: Back to School

Amelia noted that noon dismissal days were more difficult than having the whole day off. Requested consideration for combining 2 half days off, into a full day. Admin will consider the options next year.

Winter Solstice:


  • Huckleberry $75
  • Children’s House & Elementary $150 each classroom


  • Winter Solstice Craft Supplies in the Greenhouse, check to see what we have before planning
  • Connect with your Guide and get the sign off on your crafts. Some Guides have boundaries around materials like glitter.
  • Elementary Room Parents Please let your Guide know you will need 3 craft stations

The supplies will be in the Greenhouse until Winter Solstice. Room parents are welcome to stop by anytime.

Plan 3 crafts with enough supplies for each craft to make 35-40 products (Toddler 11 products each) Three crafts per classroom. More than three and the children get “stuck” in one room for too long because they want to do all of the projects.



8:20-8:50 Huckleberry parent coffee in Greenhouse

8:45-9:30 Crafting in the classroom (Coordinate with Kate time for any set up needed)

Children’s House & Elementary Crafting Set Up

  • Room parents come into the classroom when children are on the playground to set up crafting stations
  • Last year: Children’s House Set Up – 11:15-12:15, Elementary Set Up – 11:45-12:45

Monica will confirm set-up schedule with Guides and let you know

Winter Sing and Solstice

1:00-1:15 Winter Sing (CH on stage, EL in audience)

1:15-2:00 Crafting in Homeroom

  • CH students will be dismissed to their parents in the gym and together they will join their home room
  • EL students will return to their home room with their Guides and parents will join there

2:00-3:00 Roaming Crafting. Children, accompanied by their parents, may go to other classrooms to craft.


Yes. CH and EL will have parent helpers day-of to help with set up, clean up and staff the craft stations in 30 minute shifts. 9-10 helpers per classrooms. Monica will create a sign up, share link with room parents, and send out in the Communcations Nov 7th.

Toddler parents will all be in the classroom together, no additional help needed.

If enough parents don’t sign up room parents may have do the direct ask.

Monica will announce the event as a community participation event with expectation that we are all a part of it and will all help out during.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Nov 16th (Friday Nov 17 NO SCHOOL)

Sept 15th, 2022

Huckleberry: David Reed, Veronica Leonard

Butterfly: Kate Roth, Amelia MacRae, Adelia Rahim

Honeybee: Christina Dunning, Kat LeSueur, Jonathan Kadish

Hummingbird: Janna McKay, Linda Dzhema

Camassia: Melissa Blanchette, Jennifer Nottingham, Renee Hays

Trillium: Kristiana Kroneck, Terra Cloyes-Hinojos

Lupine: Megan Thayer Gorman, Temple Linder, Shawna Williams

Room Parents’ Page

  • Located in Parents’ Portal of the Website, Room Parents Page
  • PASSWORD: Roomparentsrock

We went through the Room Parents’ resource page at the meeting. If you missed it please login to the room parents’ page and see all of the resources

Listservs (Guides included)

Parents’ Portal Website

  • Directories. PASSWORD: Sunstone
  • Community Participation
    • Classroom Support (flowers, laundry, wish lists)
    • Community Building (events)
    • Parent Education
  • Handbook
  • Communications Archive. PASSWORD: Sunstone
  • Lunch Program
  • Room Parent Page. PASSWORD: Roomparentsrock

Meeting Dates

All meetings will be in person in the Green House at 8:30 a.m. on the dates noted below. There will be a Zoom option for those who cannot make it in-person. The Zoom meeting link is located on the Room Parents’ Page.

  • OCT 20 2023, FRI
  • NOV 16 2023, THURS
  • DEC No Meeting – Winter Solstice
  • JAN 19 2024, FRI
  • FEB 15 2024, THURS
  • MAR No Meeting – Auction Projects Due March 22nd
  • APR 12, 2024, FRI
  • MAY 17 2024, FRI This will be an end of the year meeting and welcome new room parents meeting

Zoom Meeting Link

Staff Appreciation (join forces?) YES!

November: Butterfly, Huckleberry

February: Trillium

March: Hummingbird, Honeybee

April: Camassia, Lupine


Winter Solstice – Dec 15th, 1-3 p.m.

  • Huckleberry 9-9:45sih room parents confirm with Kate and coordinate craft projects with Kate.
  • Each classroom will have a reimbursable budget.
  • CH and EL classrooms will aim for 8 plus volunteers during the event so that everyone can roam with their child for some portion of the event. Room parents invite parents as well as a volunteer sign up in the Communications as the date nears.
  • Include a sample craft and clear, simple, step-by-step instructions for each craft station.

Auction Projects – Due March 22nd (Friday before Spring Break), Gala, May 4th –

  • Coordinate with your Guide the auction project and dates/times to come into classroom to work with children.
  • Each classroom will have a reimbursable budget.

Classroom Staff Appreciations – Dec & June (e-cards)

End of Year Gatherings – June (coordinate with Guides as the date nears and support as needed)

Coordinate Gatherings (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Lupine Room Parents Only: (check in with Jack to see if you are needed for support)

  • Bingo Night, Feb 23rd
  • Lupine Play, (TBD May 24th tentatively)

Other Business:

Classroom Gatherings – Check the Calendar and Clear with Monica First:

  • Please check the parents’ calendar when planning classroom gatherings to avoid any conflicts, and email Monica your dates and times prior to announcing plans to your families. Monica will calendar your gatherings after confirmation. Thanks!

Family Camping Trip

  • Kate Roth introduced the idea of Sunstone family camping trip. She has already booked a group campsite at Eagle Creek for Sept 9/10, 2024
  • Possible trip in June 2024? Needs to be booked and coordinated. Email Kate with your ideas for good group campgrounds.
  • Possible camping committee within the room parents to plan and organize camping events. To be discussed and organized among the room parents.

2023-24 Upcoming Events:


Sept 16: Camassia & Trillium Classroom Gathering – Swift Bird Migrating, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Sept 21: Back to School Night, 6:15-7:15 p.m. 

Sept 30: Fun Run & Fall Festival


Oct 2-4: Upper Elementary at Opal Creek Ancient Forest Camp

Oct 5: Head Lice Checks

Oct 9: NO SCHOOL – Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Oct 12: Parent/Guide Happy Hour, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Oct 13: NO SCHOOL – In-Service/Professional Development 

Oct 17 & 18: School Photo Day

Oct 20: Elementary Pizza Friday

Oct 20 & 21: Parent Education: Silent Journey & Discovery

Oct 26: Children’s House Classroom Sharing, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Oct 27: NOON DISMISSAL – Professional Development Afternoon


Nov 2: CONFERENCES: NO SCHOOL for Children’s House and Elementary. Huckleberry Open Thursday Only.

Nov 3: CONFERENCES: NO SCHOOL all programs closed.

Nov 9: Elementary Pizza Thursday

Nov 10: NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day

Nov 16: Elementary Pizza Thursday

Nov 17: NO SCHOOL – Professional Development ABAR with Britt Hawthorne

Nov 22: Grandparent’s Reception and Assembly


Nov 23, 24: NO SCHOOL ALL PROGRAMS- Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 30: State of the School, 6:30-7:30 p.m.