Write an online review:

Thank you for taking ten to fifteen minutes to write an online review and post it.  It does not have to be lengthy; just tell prospective parents, in your own words, why you value Sunstone.  Specifics speak louder than generalities.

Email Carmen, cdant@sunstonemontessori.org, a list of the review sites you posted on and she will credit you one hour of Community Participation for each site you posted on.

Here are some talking points if you wish:

  • What do you value about the campus, teachers, staff, community?
  • How does your child most benefit from Sunstone? Emotionally, socially, academically, physically…
  • Give one example of how your child is thriving at Sunstone
  • What makes you feel safe about sending your child to Sunstone?

Here are the review sites to post on:

Here are some examples:

My daughter Claire just recently woke up one morning with a big smile on her face and I said, “What are you so happy about?” and she said, “I get to go to school today!”
– Jennifer Niemeyer

Our daughter has been going to Sunstone for 3 years and just graduated kindergarten. She is so supported emotionally, socially, and academically. The Guides are wonderful. We couldn’t ask for a more nurturing environment. And I love that she is learning fractions in kindergarten! We have enrolled her here for the 1st grade and plan on staying through elementary school.
– Lee Centrone

Both of my children love their guides/assistants and going to school each morning. They are both thriving academically and socially. I can see the school’s influence in them everyday as they develop into kind and curious people.
– Jen Cunliffe

Thank You!

We are asking you to do this because more and more prospective families are finding us online by researching and reading online school reviews. Online reviews are the modern day word of mouth and they are trusted, especially when multiple reviews say the same thing, i.e. Sunstone is a wonderful place!

We currently have a fabulous thing going here at Sunstone, and our five star reviews reflect that, however, we need to keep our reviews current! Thank you for sharing your voice with others. It’s perhaps the most powerful way you can contribute to the current and future success of Sunstone.