Sunstone Montessori Middle School, Milwaukie Campus

Full Time Guide

Sunstone Montessori Middle School:

In fall 2024 Sunstone Montessori School will open a middle school on a 12-acre swath of land in Milwaukie, Oregon. This will be a farm school as envisioned by Maria Montessori. Sunstone Montessori is a well-established and trusted Montessori school for families across the Portland Metro area. Our middle school will continue this service for Portland families, and be a safe and nurturing community in which adolescents can realize their adult identities, learn academic skills, and gain confidence as a contributing member of society. Our school will foster human development along with academic achievement.

Position Overview:

As a guide at Sunstone’s Middle School will work alongside the Program Director to assist in the design and implementation of educational programming. You will be a team player, willing to work “side-by-side” with students and staff. You will be instrumental in the creation and development of our middle school, and thus a critical thinker, problem solver, and someone who can be flexible in your daily tasks. You will look forward to the opportunity to provide input to our nascent program, and wear multiple hats in the process, which will likely go beyond your core area of teaching/expertise.

Under the supervision and with the support of the Program Director, you will work to create an optimal learning environment for each student at our Middle School, as guided by the mission statement of Sunstone Montessori School and the goals of Sunstone’s adolescent community.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent experience.
  • 3-5 years of teaching experience, preferably with adolescents.
    • Teaching experience in mathematics and applied math (engineering, robotics, statistics, carpentry, programming, etc.) is preferred. We will also consider those with teaching experience in the visual or performing arts, or the sciences. 
  • A commitment to creating an environment that ensures the physical safety and psychological security of all Sunstone students.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with parents and students.
  • Flexible, patient, collaborative, and passionate about adolescent development.
  • Willingness and ability to work “side-by-side” with students and staff.
  • Willingness to review or learn new subjects in the sciences and humanities, in order to give “key concept” lessons.
  • Willing to spend significant time in outdoor settings (hiking, camping, land stewardship).
  • Enjoy traveling with students on multi-day excursions.
  • Demonstrated ability to work creatively and problem solve in real-time situations.
  • Certification in First Aid and CPR.
  • AMI certification at any level of development (preferred).


  • Follow and adapt one’s approach and style to support the vision of Dr. Montessori in addressing the developmental needs and tendencies of the adolescent.
  • Work independently and with the other Sunstone Guides to help design and implement the educational program.
  • Provide ongoing support and engagement with students in creating and maintaining an anti-bias, anti-racist, inclusive program with high academic standards and a commitment to social and emotional learning as they transition to adulthood.
  • Individually advise a small group of students on work performance and social-emotional health; keep the Program Director apprised of each student.
  • Lead seminars and develop workshops in your area of expertise (math, language, the arts)
  • Give key concept lessons for Study & Work Plans (this may involve learning/reviewing concepts in the sciences and humanities)
  • Engage and assist children in the culinary program, including the harvesting of food on campus, and ordering and preparing communal lunch.
  • Communicate, as needed, with student families to ensure academic progress and optimal social-emotional development. 
  • Write narrative reports for the two evaluation periods and attend the student-parent conferences.
  • Attend at least two weekend trips to sites in the Pacific Northwest, and up to two week-long trips to sites across the United States.
  • Periodically take small groups of students into the surrounding community to work with local experts in various fields and occupations.
  • Work with all staff to care for all environments at the Milwaukie campus, including management of the garden and care of the animals. 
  • Participate in Sunstone parent meetings, and educational evenings for the benefit of all of Sunstone Montessori School (for example, “back to school night” in September, and an informational meeting in November).


  • Health insurance (including dental and vision)
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Health savings account

General Behavior Expectations

  • Support children’s independent functioning whenever possible.
  • Maintain a friendly, professional, but objective distance in relationships with the children, and a professional relationship with staff and the Administration.
  • Be punctual and present at work during agreed-upon work hours.
  • Maintain required professional qualifications, including:
    • Current CPR/1st Aid certification
    • Current Food Handlers certification
    • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (RRCAN) training
    • Any required hours of professional development

Physical Demands

  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or otherwise communicate, hear and observe the children and employees and their surroundings.
  • The employee frequently is required to stand, walk, sit; use hands and feet; reach with hands and arms; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.
  • The employee must lift and/or move up to 50-100 pounds.
  • Specific vision requirements include the ability to see at close range.
  • Fine hand manipulation.
  • Strong, focused mental acuity is required to efficiently analyze, process, manipulate and accurately record the extensive amount of data and other information that serves as the basis for the primary duties of this position.
  • Emotional fortitude and ability to regulate emotions and maintain appropriate reactions and responses to emergencies and non-emergency situations that may arise in the workplace.
  • Patient and calm demeanor to provide a nurturing learning and working environment.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to perform the essential functions of the position successfully. Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to assist them in performing the essential functions of their positions.  Please contact the Program Director or the Head of School if you need an accommodation. 

This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. It is intended as a general guide of the duties and tasks we may ask you to perform as part of your employment with us. It is by no means an exhaustive list of all of your duties or responsibilities with us. Job descriptions are a dynamic living document that changes as business needs change. We may elect to clarify, change or even add to this job description and your list of assigned duties in the future. We operate as a team at Sunstone Montessori School, and from time to time you may be asked to perform tasks that you may have observed other people doing. Performing all tasks that you may be asked or assigned to do is an important part of being a team member.