Family COVID-19 Health and Safety Agreement

Working Together to Keep Us All Healthy

It is imperative that we are all working together to keep the Sunstone community healthy. It is of utmost importance that we are each doing our part to mitigate the risk of coming back together this fall. We cannot do it alone; every family must do their part as well. We do not want the actions of one to compromise the wellbeing of all.

We ask that all families who will be participating in our program, in person or online, support this community effort in the following ways:

Commit to Good Hygiene

Wash hands frequently and thoroughly, using soap and water to scrub for 20 seconds
Cover coughs or sneezes with elbow or tissue, and follow any coughing or sneezing with hand washing
Avoid touching your face
Practice Physical Distancing in Public
Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from anyone who does not live in your household

Wear Face Coverings

Adults should wear masks in public spaces (grocery stores, etc.) where physical distancing of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained.

Minimize Non-Essential Travel

Families and individuals are still encouraged to minimize non-essential travel. Please exercise extra caution when away from home and in public areas.

Follow State Requirements Regarding COVID-19

We expect families to follow all of the state and county guidance regarding COVID-19.