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If your child is ill, please email attendance and your child’s Guide, or call the office, so that we can alert other families of contagious conditions and take preventative measures in the classroom.

Sick Policy

Children must be kept at home until they are symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication if they:

  • have a communicable disease (including respiratory viruses, serious colds, sore throats, persistent coughs, rash, conjunctivitis/excessive eye discharge, excessive mucus, and other conditions)
  • or had a fever over 100 degrees

Children must be kept at home until they are symptom free for 48 hours without the aid of medication if they:

  • have vomited
  • or had diarrhea

Being in a community is much more demanding than being at home. A child who seems well at home may deteriorate quickly at school, requiring an early pickup.

Children who are unable to participate in normal class activities or outdoor play time should be kept home, and may be sent home at the discretion of your child’s Guide.

Toddlers: Parents of toddlers should anticipate their child will miss about four weeks of every calendar year due to illness. Please plan accordingly. Children recover faster if they are given adequate time to rest at home.  Toddlers who are unable to nap due to coughing or congestion may require early pick up at 3:00pm.

Accidents, Illness, and Medication at School

Accidents: Minor injuries will be addressed at school, and you will receive an Accident Report describing the incident. If your child is seriously injured at school, we will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact immediately.

Illness: If your child becomes ill at school, has diarrhea, is vomiting, has a fever over 100 degrees, or cannot participate in normal class activities, we will contact you for immediate pick up. If we are unable to reach you we will contact your emergency contact. We will help your child feel comfortable until you are able to arrive at school.

Serious Accidents or Illnesses: If necessary, we will call 911 or transport your child for emergency care. We must have an Emergency Consent form on file for your child. Please make sure that your child’s form lists your current phone number(s) and several alternate contacts.

Medication: If your child needs to take medication during the school day, whether prescription or “over the counter,” you must fill out a Medication Authorization Form. Please email attendance, or call the office, and we will assign this form to you.

Children are not permitted to administer their own medication, vitamins, or pain relievers. Medication needs to be in its original container with your child’s first and last name clearly labeled on it.