Private Schools Appreciation Day

February 7, 2019

Here’s what parents appreciate about Sunstone Montessori School:

What we love about Montessori education is that learning is fun. It’s not just what they have learned, but how they learn. It’s not just what they have been taught, but how they are encouraged to explore new things with confidence and inner drive.

As a parent, I believe our role is to raise confident, independent and inquisitive children. My experience is that Sunstone Montessori School puts this into practice every day.

My children are happy to go to school each day. They learn such independence. They teach me about so many subjects and issues I have not heard about. I like who my children are becoming. The nurturing at Sunstone is marvelous!

Watching my nine-year-old grow under their leadership has been astonishing. It has been a joy to watch him grow to LOVE LEARNING. That carries over into everyday life and it makes him a joy to be around. I credit the staff and the way the school is run. This is the way young education should be.

We could not ask for a school environment that is more emotionally, socially, and academically supportive than Sunstone. The guides and staff have supported our daughter in becoming a compassionate and courteous child, a learner filled with curiosity and wonder, and an advocate for her own needs as well as those of her friends. The development we have seen since she began at Sunstone 2.5 years ago is incredible.

Sunstone is by far the best Montessori school in Portland. The staff members (both inside and outside of the classrooms) are kind, smart, hard-working, well-trained, and fully dedicated to the children.

We did not even consider leaving Sunstone to start middle school in the 6th grade because we would stay forever if we could! Our son has grown into a charming, smart, and HAPPY pre-teen at Sunstone. The staff and guides (teachers) have nurtured his emotional self as well as providing an excellent education. Our family loves this school.


State of Oregon Proclamation: Private Schools Appreciation Day February 7, 2019