OHSU K-12 Weekly COVID Testing Program

Test Kits

  • OHSU tests for COVID-19 by using a sample of your child’s spit (saliva).
  • Test kits include, a spit sample tube with cap, funnel, alcohol wipe, absorbent pad, and a bio-hazard bag.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: You will be provided a sheet of labels with your child’s contact information.
  • Each week you will need to apply one custom label to the spit sample and one to the bio-hazard bag. Please keep these labels in a safe place for future use.

Test Kit Distribution Weekly on Wednesdays at Pick-Up

  • Test kits will be distributed weekly on Wednesdays at pick-up, beginning February 16th. Children in aftercare will receive their test kit in a brown bag. We will encourage children to keep the test kits safely in their backpack. If they do not have a backpack, their brown bag will be labeled with their name.

Test Kit Collection Weekly on Thursdays at Drop-off

  • Testing samples will be collected weekly on Thursdays at drop-off, beginning February 17th.
  • Collection Site: Please look for a cooler near the courtyard entrance gate and deposit your sample. Be sure it’s labeled properly and securely in it’s bio-hazard bag.
  • Samples that are not labeled correctly will be rejected from the testing facility.
  • All collected samples will be sent to OHSU for testing.


  • OHSU will email the test results to you 1-2 days after the sample is collected. Please note: OHSU only allowed us one parent contact to send the results to. We will send an email to the contact parent letting them know they will receive the results. If you have any questions please contact Sara, smacrae@sunstonemontessori.org.
  • The email will come from OHSU Health (K12covidtesting@ohsuhealthmarketing.com) with a subject line of “COVID-19 test results for your student.”
  • If you don’t see the email after 2 days, please check your spam folder.
  • If you still did not get the email, please call the OHSU COVID hotline at 833-647-8222.
  • Please note: OHSU will use the primary email and phone number that Sunstone has on file for you, to contact you about test results.
  • Please see OHSU’s information for details on how to decipher the results and what to do in the event of a positive result.

How to Test – Spit Saliva Sample Instructions

Testing is Optional

  • Test kits will be provided weekly for every child enrolled in the program, however, testing is not required.
  • If you wish to have your child tested, please drop-off your child’s sample at the collection site on Thursday morning at drop-off.
  • You can withdrawal your child from the program at any time. Please email Sara, smacrae@sunstonemontessori.org for assistance.