Head Lice Checks and Lice Policy

We have three annual, whole-school head checks performed strategically, when we most commonly see lice outbreaks in schools (at the start of school, after winter break, and after spring break). We have not had a lice outbreak at Sunstone since we implemented these preventative head checks several years ago.

We have two main goals concerning head lice at Sunstone. One is to prevent the spread of head lice at our school while supporting parents and children in addressing this annoying problem. The other is to take the stigma out of discussing and treating head lice when they do occur in our community.

We enlist a professional lice detection and removal company, Linda’s Lice Out, to help us accomplish these goals. Their staff will come to Sunstone and check every child in the school, free of charge to you.

Lice Policy

Our Sunstone Lice Policy is that if any nits or lice are found on your child we will notify you to pick up your child immediately and give you information about how to treat for head lice. At that point you may decide to treat your child at home or have your child professionally treated. We will include contact information for Linda’s Lice Out should you choose to go there for treatment. Either way we will need a professional lice removal clinic to check and clear your child before they return to school. Thank you in advance for your support with this.