Graduation Ceremony Schedule and Guidelines

Here is the schedule for the day and evening:

NO AFTERCARE – Elementary Aftercare families please plan on picking your child up between 3:00-3:15pm from the North (Lupine/Camassia) and South (Trillium) doors.

12:00pm — EARLY DISMISSAL for Butterfly. Butterfly parents please plan on picking up your child between 12:00-12:15pm from the South door.

12:00-1:00pm — PICNIC on the FRONT LAWN for Toddler and Children’s House. Please RSVP with your child’s Guide!

3:00pm — EARLY  DISMISSAL for Huckleberry, Maple, and Sunflower. Please plan on joining your child on the front lawn at noon for a picnic OR picking up at 3:00pm from the classroom door.

3:00pm — Regular dismissal for Elementary (Camassia, Trillium, Lupine)

5:30pm — Staff gather on blacktop

5:30pm — Seating begins on the front lawn

  • Families of Toddler graduates, Children’s House kindergarten year graduates, and Lower Elementary 1st and 2nd years are asked to save seats for their children if staying for the ceremony. We suggest you choose your seats before your children join the blacktop so that they know where they will be sitting during the ceremony.
    • Toddler graduates will join their families directly after the procession.
    • Children’s House graduates will join their families after they are honored.
    • Lower Elementary 1st and 2nd years will join their families directly after the procession.
    • Lower Elementary 3rd year and Lupine families do not need to save seats for their children as they will sit together with their guides for the duration of the ceremony.

5:45pm —Children gather on blacktop

  • Toddler (graduates only), Children’s House (kindergarten year graduates only) and all Elementary students
  • When you drop-off your children on the blacktop please connect with your child’s teacher so they know who has arrived and who they are responsible for. Thanks!

 6:00pm — Procession

 6:15pm — Ceremony

  • Cathy welcomes children and families
  • Toddler graduates honored
  • Children’s House graduates honored
  • Lower Elementary graduates honored
  • Upper Elementary graduates honored

8:30 to 9:00pm — Reception and Clean-up with incidental music. Volunteers stack chairs and clean up.

 Ceremony Guidelines

Arrival and Parking: Consider arriving on foot, bike, or public transportation. If you drive, please park on the school side of the street around the school if possible. You may also park (for free) at Willamette Park and walk up. If you must park on a side street, please be considerate of the neighbors.

Electronic Devices: Please do not use, or let your children use phones, tablets, or other electronic devices during the ceremony. (Phones for use as cameras are fine.)

Adult Supervision: All children must be sitting with and accompanied by an adult at all times. This is a long ceremony so please feel free to take restless children for a walk in the neighborhood if necessary. Please feel free to stretch out quietly on the upper terrace if your little ones need more room. Please be mindful of the ceremony participants and take the big movements and noise off campus.

Be a Good Audience Member: The graduating children work very hard on their speeches and this ceremony is an opportunity for every child in the audience to practice being a good audience member: to sit in chairs, to be in control of their bodies, to listen and be respectful of those on stage. Thank you in advance for supporting your children in this opportunity.

Food and Drinks: Please refrain from eating during the ceremony. Please bring your own cup or water bottle. In keeping with our Green School ethic, we will provide water, but not cups. Thank you!

Photography: Photography is welcome.

Restrooms: Restrooms in the building will be available. Access will be through the north and south side doors.