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COVID-19 Health and Safety Agreement

OHSU K12 COVID Screening Custom Sunstone Authorization Form (not linkable for security reasons)

OHSU K12 COVID Screening – General Consent Form

OHSU K-12 Weekly Screening Testing Details for Parents (Sunstone Version)

OHSU K-12 Saliva Sample Test Instructions

OHSU K-12 Weekly Screening Testing Details (From OHSU)

Enrollment Forms

Oregon Cerificate of Immunization Status

Declaration of Viewing OCC License

Admissions/Application Forms

Records Release Form

Teacher Questionnaire

Extended Care Forms

2021-22 EL Extended Care Contract

2020 Winter Break Registration

2021 Children’s House Summer Registration

2021 Elementary Summer Registration

2022 Children’s House Spring Break Registration

2022 Elementary Spring Break Registration

2022 Children’s House Summer Registration

2022 Elementary Summer Registration

Fundraising Forms

Lupine Graduates Sweatshirt Order Form 2021-22

2022-23 For Small Hands Instructions, Order Form, Wish Lists

Misc Forms

School Portraits with Anna Graf Photography

Sunstone Montessori Picture Day Info

Share the Love Donation Drive 2022

Playground Renovation Master Plan

Hudon Plant List Plant Sale

Room Parent