2018 Elementary Summer Camp



Join Anika and Nick this summer at Sunstone as we explore the arts, our community, and our inner peacemakers. In a structure similar to a typical school day, we will have time for lessons and self-directed work periods, music and movement during gatherings, and plenty of time outside. Each week will build on a theme (see below) or artistic practice with lessons and outings to inspire the students’ own work. We will also have Montessori materials available throughout the summer.

Daily Schedule:

8:00-9:00am Drop-off

9:00-12:00 Morning Work Period

12:00-1:00 Lunch/Recess

1:00-3:00 Afternoon Work Period

3:00-5:00 Pick-up


$275/week (exception: week 2 is $110)
Discount: Sign up for all 8 weeks and save $100


Sunstone’s Elementary Summer Camp is open to:

  • Current Sunstone Elementary Children
  • Incoming Sunstone Elementary children (children who will be entering the Elementary program in the fall of 2018)
  • Sunstone alumni of Elementary age

To register please download and print the registration form or find a printed form at the front desk. Return your completed form and payment to the front desk by March 23. Please feel free to contact Dee, Business Manger, with any billing questions; dkuns@sunstonemontessori.org.


2018 Elementary Summer Camp Themes

Week 1: Go By Bike!

June 25-29

We live in a city rich with bike culture. The bike community is so strong, the whole month of June is focused on rides around the city! This week, we will participate in our own bike ride as a part of Pedalpalooza. We’ll learn about the parts and function of our bikes, do bike-inspired art projects, and talk about how biking can be a big part of living an earth-friendly life.

Week 2: Peace Week- a two day workshop

July 2 & 3

During our short holiday week, we’ll look to each other and inside ourselves for the tools to create a peaceful world. With lessons and practice on collaborative problem solving, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, we hope to build life skills together.

Week 3: Ecology of Oregon

July 9-13

Oregon is home to a diverse collection of climates and landscapes! From the ocean, to the mountains, to the desert, beauty is everywhere we look. This week we’ll talk about the ecosystems present in each region. We’ll learn more about the special gardens on Sunstone’s campus, and visit the Picturing Oregon exhibit at the Portland art museum. Then we’ll try some plein air painting of our own!

Week 4: Fabulous Fibers

July 16-20

Using natural materials grounds us, connects us to the earth and to other animals. Using our hands grounds us too, bringing us to a physical space in a world so full of the abstract. This week we’ll use our special human hands to explore a wide range of work with fibers, from felting to basket-making and from yarn dyeing to knitting and everything in between.

Week 5: Dance and Performance

July 23-27

Let’s get moving! This week’s focus will be on the arts of dance and drama. We’ll do some improv games, learn about kinesiology, and craft a performance to top off the week. There will be plenty of behind-the-scenes options for those who are shy on stage.

Week 6: The World in Black and White

July 30 – August 3

This week we will turn our artistic eyes to light and shadow. We will use handmade pinhole cameras to explore the beginnings of photography, as well as practicing our portrait skills with a digital camera. We will use pencils and charcoal to draw from a still life and learn different methods of creating shading and dimension.

Week 7: Communication Nation

August 6-10

Aren’t we fortunate to live in a time where it is possible to communicate instantaneously with people across the world? This week we will explore the rich history of human communication. We’ll talk about language, codes, and have the opportunity to try our hands at mail art. We will end the week with a coded scavenger hunt around campus.

Week 8: Write it out!

August 13-17

In the final week of camp we will hone our writing skills, learning about the Hero’s Cycle and other literary structures. We will learn about zines as an easy method of self-publishing to get your ideas and stories out into the world, as well as practicing a few different bookbinding techniques using a variety of materials.