Shanda Tryon

Shanda started working with children through a variety of mentoring programs while she was in college.  This led her to the Boys & Girls Clubs in Tacoma, WA and Cheyenne, WY, where she worked as a program specialist and program director. Working with children in this capacity ignited within Shanda a passion for child development and education. She was introduced to Montessori education when her nephew started attending a Montessori school for infants, and furthered her understanding of Montessori when her nephew and niece attended Sunstone Montessori. Shanda loves the emphasis that Montessori places on child development, fostering independence and meeting kids where they are at.

Shanda has also worked in development at Pacific Lutheran University and most recently worked in professional development and certification support at the Washington Education Association. She has a Bachelor degree in history and Spanish and a Master degree in Business Administration.

Outside of work Shanda enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, kayaking, art, music, and spending time with her husband, son, three dogs and family.