Neelam Ravel

Neelam was always fascinated with young children and never lost the opportunity to volunteer in preschool settings throughout her own school years. Even while working towards her PhD it was her long term dream to work with young children. After finishing her doctoral studies Neelam moved to the US, and while working as a consulting microbiologist in downtown Portland, came across the smiling children from a Montessori School walking daily in the Park Blocks. Inspired, she visited a Montessori classroom and knew that Montessori education was her true calling. To confirm this vision, she worked as an assistant in a Montessori classroom for a year before taking the AMI primary training and receiving her certification as a primary guide . Since then Neelam has taught at Child’s View Montessori in Portland, International Montessori in Austin/Texas, Newton Montessori in Newton/MA, and finally closing the circle she is back in Portland and has joined us at Sunstone Montessori’s AYM program. Neelam’s husband Mihir, is an invited faculty at leading engineering programs in the US and India, her older daughter is working on her PhD in Biology at Harvard, and her younger daughter just started at U. of Oregon majoring in psychology and music therapy. Outside of school Neelam enjoys writing children’s stories, water color painting, gardening, and especially hiking and traveling with her husband Mihir. In her “free” time she and Mihir are collaborating on innovative ways to bring affordable hands-on science education to young children.