Francesca Lowes

Francesca began her Montessori career in 2007, when she embarked on the Elementary training at the Washington Montessori Institute in Maryland. After receiving her AMI Diploma as well as a Master’s in Education, she moved to Portland to join the Sunstone community, where she served as the Trillium Room Guide from 2008 through 2012. After a couple of wonder-filled years at home with her young daughter, she returned to Sunstone in 2015, and now holds the position of Elementary Admissions and Program Director. Francesca brings great optimism, patience, and warmth to our community. She is passionate about supporting families and making connections, and she is dedicated to seeing and nurturing the best in others.

Francesca grew up in Northern California, where she was fortunate to spend a great deal of time outside. While soaking up the staggering beauty of the redwood forests, gazing at the Pacific Ocean, and backpacking every summer in Yosemite with her dad and sisters, she developed a deep sense of awe as well as an appreciation for treading lightly on this planet we all share.

Before moving to Portland, Francesca enjoyed a semi-nomadic existence, living and exploring in places as varied as Montana, Vermont, Colorado, Mongolia, and South Korea. In her free time, she loves to sample new cuisines, read about sustainability and human development, play around on her sewing machine, hang out with her chickens, and go on adventures with her family. She is thrilled to be a part of the Sunstone team!