Carmen Dant

While she did attend college in Seattle, Carmen is a Portlander through and through. Growing up in Portland Carmen spent her time pursuing the arts, primarily through technical theatre and it was there that she discovered her passion for leadership and teaching. Carmen attended Seattle University and received a Bachelor of the Arts in Humanities for Teaching in 2017. During her time at Seattle University Carmen spent over 350 hours in classrooms volunteering for a variety of courses. She had the privilege of working with a spectrum of age groups from kindergartners all the way up to high school. She also worked as a substitute preschool teacher. After graduating she accepted a position as Lead Kindergarten Prep Teacher for a year before making the decision to move back to Portland to be around family again. When she is not at Sunstone, Carmen spends her time gardening, crocheting, reading, and hiking, but mostly playing with her cat, Tracer.