Dear Sunstone Elementary Families,

Recently, The Knight School initiated daily online WebParties, which include a Chess Lesson and access to an online Tournament. We have received great feedback on this approach across the country, and some of the Sunstone students have attended. All of The Knight School coaches around the country are working hard to ensure that our students can continue to enjoy Chess and maintain and sense of normalcy during this historic time.

The Knight School Chess Teams are still alive and well, raging online, competing against each other, and other TKS teams across America. We welcome you to participate. You can find sign up and participation instructions below.

Thank You and Stay Safe,

Justin Jones

City Coach, The Knight School Portland

The Knight School

(205) 572-5128


Instructions to Sign Up

I’ve added a step by step procces for signing up below:

Step 1. (optional) To download the Zoom app for your device, go here:

Step 2. Then to sign up for a Zoom account, go here:

Step 3. To create your account, follow the below steps:

  •  Go to and create an account by clicking “register” (everything on Lichess is totally free).
  •  Fill in all of the required blanks, and “agree” to the four statements at the bottom. Set your User Name using the format “TKS CITY Firstname Lastname” (example: Jane Doe from Portland  might set her username as “TKSPTLJaneDoe”). The reason to use this format is so that everyone can see where in the country you are from when you are playing in the WebTourney! So if you’re from Maine, you could do TKSMAINEJaneDoe, or if you’re from Las Vegas, you could do TKSVEGASJaneDoe. You get the idea!
  •  Go the your email, and click the link to verify your account.
  •  Then set your account to “Kid mode” to disable chat and control other various aspects of the site. While logged in, click your User ID at the top-right and click Preferences. Then click “Kid Mode” on the left, type your password, and click “Enable Kid Mode.” 

That’s really all there is to it for signing up! The process for participating just as simple and I’ve also detalied that below:

Instructions to Participate

Step One: At around 12:50 PST on the day(s) you want to participate, go to and click the WebParty button in the upper right hand corner.

Step Two: Click the pink box:

Step Three: There are five WebParties, so find today’s class and click the blue zoom link. Input the password, which is found in your weekly email, and you are set! When the WebParty is over and you are ready to move over to the WebTourney, repeat the same process and hit the green link! It wasn’t there at the start of the WebParty, but magically the Tourney Fairy will have put the green link up during the WebParty once he generated the WebTourney.

Please direct all questions to me at, I’m always happy to help!

Thank you,

Coach Justin Jones